To style or not to style?

Have you ever walked in to a home during an open inspection and felt immediately drawn to it?  You may have felt the sensation as soon as you strolled up the drive or as you stepped into the home.  It could be a room that you walked into that suddenly seemed familiar.  You are not sure why but you just knew - this is my new home.


Making a home inviting and one in which people can imagine living in is the aim of the property stylist. In doing this, potential buyers will develop a connection with the home which in turn maximises the profit at sale or auction time.

Property styling has really become popular in the past few years with the aim being to highlight and enhance the positive aspects of the home, while minimising the less appealing areas. Having too much clutter distracts from the home but you also want a personality to shine through and not make it bland and uninviting.  Sometimes it is worth bringing in cleaners to give it a special polish, a gardener to ensure the garden is attractive, and someone to finish off the odd jobs that we seem to put off for years. It is funny how we often spruce up the home just before selling and we fall in love with it again and wish we had done it years before.

Recently I styled two homes that were empty and needed the heart brought into the space.  I think it is important that a home should look lived in not “styled”, so my aim was to make them come alive.  Having texture, complementary colour, plants and furniture with that comfortable, lived in look all brought a certain richness to the homes and in turn made a difference to the end result.

An appropriately styled home makes a positive impression as soon as people walk in the door.  Often Real Estate agents will recommend you have your home styled. Sometimes it is worth having it done before you bring in the agents to view the home, as first impressions can make a difference to their perception of the home’s worth.

Until next time, Susan.

Susan Ashby is the principal of Ashby Interiors specialising in creating heart filled spaces, property styling for sale and providing guidance and support for those downsizing or transitioning to aged care.  She loves to be able to use some of your treasured possessions and add pre loved, locally sourced and unique pieces to create a home that is both warm, inviting and stylish.  Susan loves to create spaces that you will fall in love with.


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