It brings me joy to create rooms that people love being in.


Homes are special and full of memories. It’s where we watch our children and pets grow up, share dinner with family and laughs with friends. Momentos around the home remind us of trips we’ve been on, gifts we’ve received or significant times in our lives. I see it as a privilege to be invited to style my client’s homes, and for them to share their stories.

I’ve combined two of my loves in creating Ashby Interiors; interior decorating and photography.

As part of my process, I capture photos of your home and valued possessions so you can keep them close to you, even after you’ve said goodbye. Styling is an important part of what I do, of course, but supporting you through some of life’s big transitions and helping you capture memories of home is of equal value.

Susan is observant of finer detail, of colour, shape and texture. She creates a flow around a room, both a theme and a feeling that excites! It is easy to fall in love with her work. 

- Margaret Hepworth, Home Owner & Author/Educator/Facilitator, The Gandhi Experiment

I’d love to talk about your home

Phone: 0413 141 388